About us

Our mission is not simply about recovering from breaches, but forecasting them. In an age of 5th Generation Warfare we understand the importance of being strategically proactive. BlackCat Security aims to take organizations’ security posture to the next level the way it can: hard work. Security is a built-in process, not bolt-on one; and we understand it requires a solution that can’t simply be bought, but earned and learned.
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Who We Are

Black Cat is comprised of industry-leading experts who have worked in countless senior engineering level capacities for Fortune 1000s and Fortune 500s.

Our engineers are seasoned pros backed by hard-earned, practical hands-on, real-world, experience. We have collated our experience and decided to make it available to the most frequently attacked targets of cyber threat actors: small and medium sized businesses.

Cybersecurity is Risk Management

At Black Cat we understand that security can be just another line item for most organizations. So we aim help address security needs with cost effectiveness in mind, and by targeting the most impactful initiatives first; giving you the wins you need to succeed while growing your security model’s maturity.

What We’ve Done

We have conducted Incident Response in both cloud and on-prem breaches costing over $20 million.

We have carried out key Digital Forensics to provide legal teams and law the information they need to help organizations act swiftly and precisely. We have performed Malware Analysis to determine the exact nature of a compromise and respond surgically. We have advised on, and optimized, organizations’ EDR and SIEM solutions to provide mitigating and compensating controls to future proof against attacks. We have executed penetration testing assessments and adversary emulations against business critical infrastructure, applications, and services to identify key internal and external weaknesses.
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It’s all a game of cat and mouse

Cybersecurity never stops. We understand that security needs evolve so we never leave your side. Black Cat seeks to make security a business enabler for your organization by staying ahead of threats and keeping you informed. In this way you spend less on incidents and focus more on your operation.

Security is a way of life

Our engineers know that threat actors are always gaining momentum. Therefore we don’t stop when we’re tired. We stop when you’re secured.